CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Review

CAP is a top-selling company in the fitness industry that offers everything from dumbbells to premium quality Olympic barbells and kettlebells. These are the only dumbbells on our list that are classic, gym-style dumbbells, which means that they are not adjustable dumbbells or part of an adjustable dumbbell set.

CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Review

Textured Chrome Handles

These dumbbells have some superior durability chrome handles. They are textured so that they offer both comfortability and give you a better grip on your dumbbells.

Hex Dumbbells

The classic, hexagonal design of the CAP dumbbells prevent your dumbbells from rolling around. You won’t have to worry about them rolling away and breaking anything in your house.

Safe for a Variety of Surfaces

These dumbbells are coated with a protective rubber coating. That will keep them from damaging or scuffing up your floors.

Sold up to Weights of 120 pounds per Dumbbell

We really liked that these dumbbells can be purchased in weights of 5 to 120 pounds. That makes them great for everyone from newly minted weightlifters to advanced, heavy lifters.

Made by one of the top names in weightlifting

CAP is a well known and highly reputable fitness equipment company that offers premium products. So you know that you aren’t buying junky, off-brand dumbbells that are going to fall apart as soon as you buy them.

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  • Hexagonal dumbbell heads that prevent your dumbbells from rolling around
  • Rubber coated heads that won’t damage your floors
  • High quality dumbbells from a reputable company
  • Textured handles for an easy to grip, smooth design


  • Not an adjustable dumbbell set. You are going to have to buy multiple dumbbells for a well balanced workout.
  • These dumbbells are going to take up space. Since this is not an adjustable dumbbell set that includes all of the weights built into one stand, you probably going to need multiple dumbbell pairs, at different weights.


Q: Do these dumbbells come in pairs?

A: They do not. You need to request two when you order them.

Q: Are the heads of the dumbbells soft?

A: They are softer than most dumbbells heads. They actually are kind of slick when you order them new.

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Final Verdict

We really like the CAP dumbbells. The only downside is that they do not come in pairs and they are not an adjustable set of dumbbells. Overall though, these may be the highest quality dumbbells in this review, when matched up to its competitors. We would give these dumbbells a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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