PowerBlock Sport 24 Piece Dumbbell Set Review

This dumbbell set is most likely the simplest to use and best value for its cost currently available. It packs up small and stores with a minimal amount of space. All you need to do to get it ready is drop the pin in the desired weight slot, and lift the dumbbell out of its rack. After that, start your dumbbell routine.

PowerBlock Sport 24 Piece Dumbbell Set Review

The PowerBlock Sport offers up to 30 lbs. per hand, and offers the experience of a professional gym quality dumbbell workout in the privacy of your own home. Here’s why you should consider this set for your next dumbbell investment.

Compact Size

This unit has one of the smallest footprints on the market in terms of adjustable dumbbell sets. While it may not offer more than 60 lbs. Overall with both dumbbells, the whole set easily fits in a minimal amount of space when you aren’t using it, making it an ideal choice for people with smaller workout or living space arrangements.

Intuitive Design

Using and adjusting this dumbbell system could not be simpler: just remove the weight pin on either side and drop it back in place for the desired weight setting. This makes rapid weight changes for high intensity intervals very easy, allowing you to make the most of your workout time every time.

Balance and Handling

Many users rave about the balance and overall handling of these dumbbells compared to similar models. They lock tightly, and whether you are lifting explosively or with swinging motions, these dumbbells stay balanced and together regardless of how you lift.

Comfortable and Convenient

The grips on the PowerBlock system are well padded to rest comfortably in the hand while exercising, negating the need for gloves or similar protective gear. It’s important to choose dumbbells with the greatest available comfort, as you will most likely use fitness equipment less frequently if it is painful or uncomfortable to handle.

Variable Weight

Each of these dumbbells can be adjusted to add intensity to your workout by having individual total limits of 30 lbs. This means that your dumbbell system not only grows with you, but also allows you to adjust the intensity of your weight training regimen as necessary without sacrificing a lot of time for adjustments.

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  • Super compact weight set
  • Quickly adjust weight by moving a retaining pin
  • Self-contained storage means minimal footprint in your workout space
  • Sturdy, well designed construction offers years of use and durability.
  • Backed by a ten year limited warranty
  • Wide variety of available accessories


  • Some buyers may find their price point t to be prohibitive
  • No same-manufacturer compatibility with other PowerBlock products
  • Dumbbell stand not included.
  • Some find the aesthetic of these dumbbells not to their liking


Q: Can one perform seated wrist curls with these dumbbells?

A: Yes, and no modification of your wrist curls should be necessary to accommodate these dumbbells.

Q: Is the price listed for one or two dumbbells?

A: The list price is for a set of two dumbbells with no stand.

Q: Are these dumbbells noisy during exercise?

A: Nope, they only clank or make noise during adjustment

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Final Verdict

Picking a dumbbell set that fits your needs doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why the PowerBlock 24 Piece Dumbbell set is an excellent choice for your home gym. They are durable, attractive, and make dumbbell exercises with various weights far more comfortable and hassle-free.

I’d recommend this model for home gym users who want the features of a lowe weight dumbbell set that won’t create more headaches than it solves. Buy Powerblock, and enjoy the workout benefits of this well designed and easy to use dumbbell system.

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